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Upstate NY Investment Opportunities

New York

28 Public Projects

Within a few hours of New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore & Buffalo, the Southern Tier offers a variety of prime investment opportunities. The community understands manufacturing and is home to Chobani, Lockheed Martin, Toyota’s Raymond Corporation and (opening this year)….one of the U.S.A.’s first Li-ion battery manufacturing plant…Imperium 3. The region also understands the outdoors & higher education with Cooperstown Hall of Fame, Ithaca’s gorges, Howes Caverns, Cornell University and 10 more colleges across the region!

Explore the variety of development project in our portfolio and contact the project lead when you are ready to invest. We have a team of experienced economic developers to help you choose the right project that matches your investment portfolio and social impact goals.

DISCLAIMER: No Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) investment is guaranteed to any project as a result of this submission.

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