We help connect
Opportunity Zone communities,
investors, entrepreneurs, and developers.

The Opportunity Exchange

What are Opportunity Zones?

Everyone is talking about Opportunity Zones, and there's a lot to learn.

Want a quick primer?
Check out this overview from Sorenson Impact to get up to speed, and visit our Resources page to learn more.

Where are Opportunity Zones located?

There are over 8,700 Opportunity Zones nationwide across urban, suburban and rural communities. Opportunity Zones contain over 31 million residents and 24 million jobs.

Curious? Browse our map to find an Opportunity Zone near you.

Our Commitment

We are committed to empowering communities to drive innovative local solutions.

We are committed to helping communities, investors and projects tell their own story and attract investments that benefit all.

We are committed to making Opportunity Zones a force for good by co-creating strategies with people working on the ground.