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Opportunity Appalachia

Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia

14 Public Projects

Opportunity Appalachia has a portfolio of 16 projects in OZs in Central Appalachia, designed to bring jobs, business support, and investment to hard-hit rural communities. These projects propose to create over 1,800 jobs and attract over $235M in financing to develop manufacturing facilities, downtown development, tech business, agricultural facilities, hotels, broadband deployment, and retail enterprises.

These projects are particularly important at this challenging time as local economies look to rebound from the Covid economic downturn. Opportunity Appalachia will work closely with both private investors and Federal agencies that have prioritized support for Opportunity Zone (OZ) communities, an essential component of our national economic recovery.

Opportunity Appalachia has been recognized as a leading OZ Catalyst by Forbes in The Forbes OZ 20: Top Opportunity Zone Catalysts. This selection was made through a partnership between the Sorenson Impact Center and Forbes recognizing community organizations and OZ Funds that are committed to achieving equitable economic growth in underserved communities.

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