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Opportunity CLE


24 Public Projects

Cleveland and Cuyahoga County’s robust and agile network of public, private, and philanthropic partners creates a cohesive economic development ecosystem unlike any other in the nation. Working with one of us provides access to the full spectrum of resources, including neighborhood level organizations, municipal and state governments, utility and infrastructure agencies, workforce development organizations, private developers, and key industry experts.

DISCLAIMER: No Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) investment is guaranteed to any project as a result of this submission.

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Garfield Heights, OH

Chosen Youth Enrichment Center

Market Price


6 - 12 months

Cleveland, OH

Community Impact Approved

ArkiTainer on 72nd

Market Price

WRJ Developers LLC, is positioned to develop and build the first shipping container apartment buildi...

Next 6 months

Cleveland, OH

East 62nd Street Development: Adaptive Reuse, Live/Work, Loft Housing

Market Price

The Cuyahoga Land Bank is a non-profit corporation that helps assemble vacant and abandoned developa...

6 - 12 months

Cleveland, OH

We Are Unique TV LLC

Market Price

We Are Unique TV, LLC (WAU-TV) is a videography, photography, and editing company, specializing in l...

Next 6 months

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