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About Us
Paving the way for a better Opportunity Zone investing experience.
Proudly founded in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we want to make Opportunity Zone investing as simple, collaborative, and impact-driven as possible. Our platform is a marketplace designed to bring together the three actors in the Opportunity Zone space: project sponsors, investors, and community/economic developers. Our community partners help identify and validate projects in their areas, so you can rest assured that listings are trustworthy and up-to-date. Our extensive toolkit of Opportunity Zone resources and our devoted Opportunity Zone partners will help bring your project exposure from the right investors at a local, regional, and national level. We believe that when opportunity knocks, you should answer it. The Opportunity Exchange helps bring the right people to your doorstep to make the Opportunity Zone investing process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Our Solutions

Opportunity Zones and the infrastructure surrounding them are still in their infancy. Investors, projects, and communities lack a shared system to communicate, a central hub for Opportunity Zone knowledge, and a proper authority to legitimize and catalyze their endeavors. The Opportunity Exchange aims to be that connective tissue by facilitating connections and fostering investments in Opportunity Zones in a socially conscious way. We place a high credence on social impact metrics and aim to bring funding into areas that need it most.

Our Team

Peter Truog


After working in management consulting, Peter moved to Northeast Ohio to work in community and economic development, and later launched The Opportunity Exchange to integrate technology into the picture and make a difference on impact. He has contributed to the US Impact Investing Alliance's OZ Impact Reporting Framework, co-authored a paper on green energy in Opportunity Zones, and penned an article for the Brookings institution.

Kevin Wojton

Kevin has spent most of his career running technology companies in New York City. He is our lead developer and has been working his back-end off (pun intended) on The Opportunity Exchange. Kevin brings to the Opportunity Exchange deep experience in running technology companies, software development, fundraising, and real estate development. His main passion is for enabling transformative community-driven projects.


Nikhil Bhat

Our "make things look pretty" guy. As a UI/UX Designer and Developer, Nikhil has had extensive experience in making interfaces that are simple, engaging, and beautiful. After being infected with Peter's enthusiasm for Opportunity Zones, Nikhil found himself working tirelessly to ensure that user needs are considered strongly as the site develops and grows.


Don't let the Opportunity (Zone) go to waste.