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For Communities

The Opportunity Exchange helps communities connect impactful Opportunity Zone projects with the right investors.

How It Works

Power Your Opportunity Zone Strategy with the Industry-Leading Impact Platform



Developers and business owners submit projects to you through your custom submission portal



Easily collaborate with project sponsors to review and edit submissions



Tell your story by publishing projects to your community-specific portal



Investors reach out about projects, and you can connect with investors via our investor directory

Want to see for yourself?

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What We Offer

Monitor your pipeline, publish projects, and connect with investors.
All in one place. All in real time.


Start Fast

Sit back and let our team get you up and running in days, not months


Assist Local Projects

Put tools directly in the hands of local developers and entrepreneurs


Save Time

Manage information from a collaborative, real-time dashboard


Curate Your Pipeline

Review new project submissions and publish those that are ready


Build a National Audience

Get more eyes on your projects through our national network


Track Your Impact

Integrate social impact tracking and web traffic analytics


Leverage Our Network

Benefit from rapid knowledge sharing across our network


Make a Great Impression

Make a great impression with our visually appealing project profiles

Features Our Community Partners Love

Personalized Dashboards

Say goodbye to long, confusing email threads by managing your pipeline from a central location.

Portfolio Builder

Create and share portfolios based on asset class, geography or any other grouping you desire.

Document Support

Easily link and keep track of supporting documents to ensure investors have the information they need.

Investor Listing

Search our investor directory to easily find and contact investors whose interests align with your projects

Analytics Page

Track which projects are catching the eye of investors with our easy-to-use analytics feature

Impact Scorecard

We are collaborating with the Urban Institute and our community partners to deploy a project-level impact scorecard

What People Say

Bradford Davy

Fund for Our Economic Future

"Achieving our mission of delivering high-impact outcomes in Greater Cleveland’s Opportunity Zones requires supportive partners who are similarly committed to this purpose. The Opportunity Exchange is a critical partner to OpportunityCLE as we develop a social impact tracking framework for our community."

Alex Flachsbart

Opportunity Alabama

"Having The Opportunity Exchange is like having an additional staff member on our team. Every day when I walk into the office I see the platform open on at least one of our computers. The Opportunity Exchange helps us manage our state-wide pipeline, track data and impact, and develop connections with investors."

Lynne Osterman

Minnesota Opportunity Collaborative

"The Opportunity Exchange is a critical partner for our MNOPPCO team. The platform helps us connect projects we’re supporting at a local level to a much larger national audience and helps us stay informed about new innovations across the Opportunity Zone landscape."

Our Network is Nationwide


Selected Community Partners


Our mission is to serve communities.

We license our software to communities on an annual basis.
The maintenance fees for a license vary based on:

  • the number of Opportunity Zones in your city, county, or state
  • the number of people living in your community's Opportunity Zones
  • the economic size of your community

Think The Opportunity Exchange might be a good fit for your community?

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